What To Know About Black Truffle Oil Before Buying It?

You will find many common and popular ingredients in Italian recipes. But there are a few ingredients that are unique but at the same time difficult to find. One of these is the Black Truffle Oil. The main reason for the difficulty in finding them is that they are expensive.

Knowing What Is Truffle First

First, you have to know about the truffles so that everything about Black Truffle Oil is cleared. Truffles are a unique kind of fungus that is the fruiting body. It belongs to the spices of Tuber that date back to the Jurassic Period.

  1. Truffles are mainly of two types; white and black. The white variety of truffle is grown from the end of September till the beginning of January. But the black truffles grow according to the variety they have. The usual period of black truffles is during the summer.
  2. It has to be remembered that truffles always grow on their own. The main areas where they can be found are forests. Truffles are grown under the ground in the wild. There should be a specific climate for them to grow. The ideal condition for their growth is warm days and cool nights.
  3. The fundamental reason for the costly price of Black Truffle Oil is that they can’t be cultivated like other ingredients. They can only be found in the natural environment. As they are under the ground; the cultivators take help from specially trained pigs and dogs who can sniff out the truffles.
  4. Once you have achieved the goal of getting the truffles; you can use them in a variety of dishes. You can slice or grate them and sprinkle them on different dishes. Also, you will find black truffle oil from stores like Sogno Toscano to pour on dishes.
  5. As truffles grow underground they are infused with the aroma of the surrounding soil. They have an earthy flavor closely resembling the taste of garlic. The black truffles have a pungent flavor like the shallots.
  6. The truffles and mushrooms indeed belong to the same species of Tuber, but they are very different in many ways. Mushrooms can be cooked with other ingredients but truffles are used only for garnishing. Truffles are found under the ground whereas mushrooms are like an umbrella above the ground.

Black Truffle Oil Info Before Buying

The black truffles that are mainly found in the summer season can be used for many things like black truffle oil. So when you are trying various black truffle oil recipes; you have to know a few important points about them.

  1. It seems preparing black truffle oil is easy because it uses only three main ingredients including black truffles, olive oil, and salt. But if the oil is heated more than required then it could ruin the flavor; so buying it from stores is the best.
  2. The oil is so delicate that if you use it for cooking then its taste will disappear. But it can be used to enhance the flavor of the dish it is drizzled on.
  3. The Black Truffle Oil is best to keep the heart health at its best. It is very helpful in reducing weight, enhancing brain function, fights against cancer, and keeps blood sugar in control.