It feels good to place a freshly purchased or received bunch of flowers in a vase and surround ourselves with their beauty. Flowers are one of the nicest gifts and wonderful companions. They make us feel good by uplifting our mood. Flowers help us to express our emotions. But what leads to an inevitable disappointment is the fact that they die after some time. If you received a rose online delivery and are wondering how to keep them fresh for a longer duration? We will help you out. We are planning to share with you some tips on how to get your fresh-cut flowers to last longer in the vase and when and how we harvest our flowers. Thus making sure to avoid the build-up of bacteria in the vase will make a massive difference in the longevity of a floral arrangement. So let’s get started with knowing the tips.



TIP #1 is to cut early in the morning or evening when the flowers are most hydrated. Flowers that are early in the morning or in the evening don’t have to deal with the harsh heat of the day and will always last longer in the vase. 


TIP #2 is to always use a clean bucket and clean tools when harvesting. Bacteria is a real enemy of cut flowers, so you would not like to go ahead and harvest with snips that may be cut from a diseased plant. Take out some time to scrabble your bucket and sharpen your tools. 


TIP #3 is to know the proper stage for the flower and foliage that you are cutting. This is quite a big topic, but it is very important to learn about each flower and when and how they want to be cut. It is suggested that you cut the spike flowers when they are about a third open, and disc flowers shall be cut just when they are cracking open. However, there can be exceptions as well. An older cat will always last for long periods in the vase in comparison to foliage that has just emerged. It is really very hard to revive immature foliage.


 TIP #4 will be to realize the importance of flower food. If you want to send flowers to gurgaon online to any of your friends or family members, you must make sure that you get the flowers delivered along with the flower food. Flower food helps the flower to absorb an adequate amount of water and guards them against bacteria. The essential nutrients of flower food increase the vase life of the flowers. 


TIP #5 would be to pluck or cut all the extra leaves. By extra leaves, we are referring to all the leaves that fall below the waterline. The primary reason behind this is that when leaves get immersed in water, they immediately start to breakdown, therefore, leading to the penetration of bacteria in the water. 


TIP #6 is to cut the stem of the flower at a particular angle. A stem that is cut flat and placed into a vase has two problems. The first problem arises due to the fact that there is no surface area left at all for the flower to take up water, whereas cutting the stem at an angle creates space for the stem, thus allowing it to absorb water. 


The second problem which may arise due to cutting the stem flat is that it will lead to the flower easily getting clogged. Therefore you must ensure that you cut the stem at a 45-degree angle. 


TIP #7 involves making a routine for providing water to your flowers. You shall learn a bit about the water requirements of the flower which you placed in the vase. Give them water as per their need, and remember to change the water at frequent intervals. Stagnant water or old water might have adverse effects on the flower. 


The last thing to keep in mind would be to ensure that you do not place the flowers near a basket full of ripening fruits. If you make the little mistake of placing your anniversary flowers in a vase surrounded by fruits, then they will die soon because of the ethylene that gets released by the fruits.