Top Eight Advantages Of Implementing Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Systems

Cloud-based surveillance has completely transformed the security and privacy realm of both, residential and commercial, properties and facilities. In this modern approach, the video is recorded in a cloud-based recording server. The VSaaS companies offer video recording and camera management which allows their clients to have real-time access to the recorded video from their smartphones, laptops, or desktops from any corner of the globe.

Wondering what’s making most smart companies take the Cloud-based video surveillance route? Well here are its 8 advantages that have pushed its popularity in the corporate sector.

It helps in reducing the risk of data loss:

With the implementation of the cloud-based video surveillance system, recording of the physical vulnerabilities will be done automatically. Saving the video footage in the Cloud is done accurately and seamlessly. In case any of the recorders get damaged or malfunction, even then the video footage will be very easily accessible. Because the video recorded is backed-up the cloud-based systems there is no risk of losing it. Some of the cloud providers also provide people with additional sources of local storage which is another great advantage associated with video-surveillance-as-a-service. The local storage can serve as the secondary backup option in case it’s required.

The monitoring of the system’s health can be done very well:

Another great advantage of implementing a cloud-based video surveillance systems is that it can raise alerts in case of any issues. It will be done perfectly and management can jump into the problem before it becomes massive. Hence, in this way, there will be immediate notifications in case of any unusual activity or mishap which will ultimately help in reducing the downtime and increase the overall security in the whole process. The remote health checkups will also make sure that checking of the things will be done perfectly and all the difficulties will be very well addressed.

Monthly revenue opportunity will also be recurring:

One of the main advantages of implementation of the cloud-based surveillance systems is that it will always allow the organizations to add up a new stream of recurring monthly revenue to the business. In addition to this, it will also help in saving the hassle associated with the whole monthly subscription process, and management of the consumers recurring payments along with commission at every renewal will be done and facilitated very easily.

It aids in facilitating offsite storage:

In case any of the customers also ask for the cloud pick up then the company will be able to deliver it to them very easily with the implementation of such things. Nowadays, consumers have also realized the importance of cloud-based surveillance systems because such systems are successfully offering an extensive range of features that can turn out the basic systems into the most intelligent ones. Hence, with the increasing demand for such systems, organizations can provide better offerings to the customers very easily.

There will be centralized remote access to the footage:

With the implementation of the cloud-based surveillance convenience element will be significantly enhanced and there will be 24 x 7 access to the footage from anywhere and at any point in time in the whole process. This aspect is not only convenient for the customers but it will also make sure that monitoring of the cameras will be done perfectly. In addition to the camera footage, it will also facilitate the video playback and will make sure that all the actions can be easily taken from the mobile application.

Alerts are sent in real-time with mobile applications:

Another great advantage of the implementation of the cloud-based video surveillance system is that concerned people can be instantly notified about the unauthorized motion detected on any of the cameras. These kinds of systems will further make sure that motion sensitivity will be taken good care of and concerned people will also have the option of scheduling the camera’s recording whenever the alerts will come. This particular ability to remotely control the cameras is very convenient for organizations.

Cloud storage gives flexibility and scalability:

The cloud-based video surveillance system helps in providing people with a higher level of flexibility as well as scalability in comparison to the traditional security system. These kinds of systems also are not based upon very extensive and expensive on-premises equipment which further make sure that they are very much scalable and can be very easily integrated and implemented with the existing installations.

It enhances cyber-security:

Another great advantage of the implementation of video surveillance systems that are cloud-based is that elimination of the security risk will be perfectly done that will further make sure that several kinds of security measures will be implemented very well that will allow the concerned people with multiple kinds of facilities and will make sure that consumers and organizations can very easily assure about the security of the footage all the time.


With the increasing demand for security for business organizations implementation of cloud-based surveillance has become the need of the hour and is considered to be the best possible alternative in comparison to the traditional systems. Also, it comes with very simple installation and minimal cost which further makes sure that there is no issue in the long run and all the gaps between security-related things can be very easily bridged up with the implementation of such things. Hence, there is no need to worry about the security aspect and all organizations must go with the option of implementation of such things to avail all the above-mentioned advantages very easily and efficiently.